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To look at the career of The Scientists is, in essence, to look at the career of Kim Salmon, one of the most vibrant musical talents to emerge from Australia in the 1970s.

Not that he was the only one. Nick Cave, for example, may have made more of a splash outside of the country, but Salmon is arguably just as important — if not more influential.

The proto-grunge they were cooking up in the late ’70s/early ’80s prefigured the music groups like Mudhoney, the Spacemen 3, and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosionwould be cranking out a decade later.

The name of the band came from Salmon’s childhood interest in science, specifically nuclear physics. To judge from some of his later lyrics, he was also a big science fiction fan (“It Came Out of the Sky,” etc.).

The first single was “Frantic Romantic” (backed with “Shake [Together Tonight]”), proto-punk garage pop in the vein of Australia’s Easybeats or Northern Ireland’s Undertones (with Salmon sounding a lot like the Kinks’ Ray Davies), and wasn’t necessarily representative of the bigger, darker noise to come.

As a preteen, Salmon liked to listen to British pop/rock like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

As a teen, he moved on to heavy metal like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin.

He would discover American underground rock later and it would have a more indelible influence on the Scientists sound.

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