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Canned Heat was rare among the American blues-loving bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s: The group had a few hits. As one critic noted, the musicians were more popularizers than purists.

The original Canned Heat evolved out of a jug band that was formed in 1965. Record-collecting blues fanatics Alan Wilson and Bob Hite (nicknamed “Bear” because of his 300-pound frame) changed the group’s focus to electric boogie.

Though its debut,¬†Canned Heat, sold respectably, its appearance at the Monterey Pop Festival that year attracted more attention. Its second album spawned a #16 hit, Wilson’s “On the Road Again,” and the band toured Europe. “Going Up the Country” gave it a #11 hit in 1969, and it played the Woodstock Festival in August.

The 1981 death of cofounder Bob Hite essentially ended Canned Heat’s most visible period, but the players have always persevered.

They endured Al Wilson’s death in 1970 and weathered dozens of personnel shifts. Canned Heat has continued under the leadership of Fito de la Parra.

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