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Australian Crawl’s ‘ Boys Light Up’ album cover was a surrealist notion I’d had in my ideas book for quite some time, with the beach umbrella being a source of light, not shade.

The shot centred around balancing the ambient light with the flash, so a bit of time exposure took place, sometimes more than 15 seconds. I’d warned the boys of this, so they wore wetsuits and stayed really still. We ended up shooting ‘near’ Canadian Bay because when it became obvious a nude girl was involved I thought it wise to move to a secluded location – Graeme Webber: Photographer.

We stock some great Australian Crawl band concert posters.

Available in different sizes and printed on high quality 210gsm paper, you’ll find no unsightly pin holes, stains or creases. In fact they look like they could have come straight off the press from the original print run.

Will look fantastic framed on your man cave, office, bar or living room wall.

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