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Def FX was an Australian band formed in 1990 by Martyn Basha on bass guitar, Fiona Horne on lead vocals and Sean Lowry on synthesisers, sequencers and samples.

They released four albums, Light Speed Collision(December 1992), Baptism (compilation, November 1993), Ritual Eternal (May 1995), Majick (July 1996) before disbanding in April 1997.

For United States releases and touring they used Definition FX as their band name to avoid confusion with similarly named groups.

Top 50 ARIA hit “Psychoactive Summer” is exemplary of Def FX’s music, combining elements of electronica and heavy-metal instrumentations and grunge vocals.

Their music throughout their career can be described as a fusion of elements of psychedelia, industrial, grunge, electronica, and heavy metal, and in their early days, even reggae and disco.

In fluctuating degrees their sound has similarities to that of, Cliff Burton-era Metallica, Soundgarden, Jesus Jones, The Prodigy, INXS, Garbage, Rammstein, 1990s Wollongong grunge band Tumbleweed, Marilyn Manson, and especially Evanescence.

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